Clapham Clock

Clapham is one of those parts of London that changes hugely during the day - in its simplest sense there is a big difference between the area in the morning compared to evenings. But after ten years of working here we've also become fine-tuned to its hour-by-hour idiosyncrasies.

We decided that the way to best show this was with a vast, wooden clock. For each hour of a twelve hour day, we collected brands and logos that best summed up what was happening at each stage. So at 8am, all the alarms are going off and all the teeth are being brushed - conversely by 8pm all the city workers have returned and are ordering their drinks and eating their take-aways. By 9am the media types are on the tube.

Only an hour later the 4x4s rule the roost, the buggies are pushed and the magazines are read in the local cafΓ©s.

By three in the afternoon, the charity ‘chuggers' are busy on the high street, and by four the actors are setting off for their auditions.

By six o'clock the media types are returning, by seven the first drinks are being ordered.

The clock itself was constructed from 12 panels of laser-etched maple laminate and is a metre in diameter.