Sendai Observatory signage

In the mid noughties we were invited to suggest ideas for the brand, graphics and three-dimensional signage for a Space Observatory being built in North East Japan, in Sendai.

Our branding solution was to create a bilingual ‘arrow' from the six Japanese characters for ‘Sendai City Space Observatory' and the English translation.

These arrows (there are eight, for different directions) are then used to point at 15 image pairs. The pairs were developed to explain cosmology with everyday objects - bringing space down to earth, as it were.

These image pairs are then used throughout the Museum's branding, including large interior banners, as shown.

Here are several views of the main logo in use around the site as either identifier, or directional signs.

Many of the image pairs were also used within the large exhibition space.

Here's another example of a semi-circular wall featuring another image-pair.

The graphics are also being rolled out across the Observatory’s collateral, such as this bilingual shopping bag. There’s more detail on the actual brand identity here.