More Th>n

More Than

The challenge we faced was to create something different for the insurance marketplace; something that seemed new and vibrant and offered customers more than the competition. From the earliest naming meetings, johnson banks and the naming team worked with the concept of doing more and offering more, and for a while we explored the idea of a brand called ‘more than words’.

This soon got shortened to ‘more than’ – and our task became to bring it to life as a visual identity. From the earliest scribbles onwards, we thought that we might be able to use a ‘more than/greater than’ sign in the logotype, and as work continued we realised that we had found a name and visual device that could work.

There were a few sticky moments as internal agreement was sought (and a board member demanded to know what had gone wrong with the ‘A’), but in research it passed with flying colours and we had the green light.

These visual ideas were quickly extended across unique typefaces and colour palettes, and from the first conversations in 1999, MORE TH>N was ready for launch in 2001.

RSA’s previous direct insurance offer had only managed 13th in the insurance tables – after ten years of work, MORE TH>N is up to third in the tables, and is one of the sectors most premium brands.

We’ve been involved throughout it’s ten year life and have designed and written five design and campaign guidelines as it has carefully modulated over that time. One thing that has never changed is the ability to separate the identity into two words, as shown above.

At the moment these images are from the most recent guidelines, where we are investigating greater use of more pictogrammic imagery, and we’re consulting now on the next stage of its development.

At each point of our ten-year brand guardianship it’s been criticalΒ  that we find new and interesting ways to use the elements within the brand toolkit.

Another key part of our role has been to help liaise with the above-the-line campaigns to ensure that the tactical marketing campaigns still fit with the brand.

Throughout its ten year life, More Th>n has stayed vibrant and modern, and proved that it can keep adapting in a competitive and often harsh environment.