Science Museum

For a museum with a world-class collection of science-related objects and exhibitions, it had been a little slow in defining a clear identity for its visitors. But increasing competition from London’s other attractions, coupled with a new architectural vision and masterplan for the museum meant the time had come to look properly at the museum’s brand.

After a long audit and design investigation, a route began to take shape using the two-word name. We created a unique arrangement of the characters into a four-line block that took its cue from code and digital typefaces. It takes a little bit of working out, but ‘decoding and sharing’ seemed an apt analogy for the museum itself. It also provided them with what they’ve never had – a unique wordmark to identify themselves which can be literally ‘stamped’ onto everything they do.

We then swiftly extrapolated the logo into a house-style that gave them immediate presence in London’s highly competitive marketing environment.

So the four separate marketing campaigns shown above were all able to communicate different messages. Yet they still remain clearly Science Museum branded.

A unique typeface was drawn following the letterforms of the logo, which is being implemented across the marketing materials and increasingly the interior and exterior of the museum.

Here’s the new approach in action across huge sponsor walls, shop signage and exterior banners. There’s also a related style for the phenomenally popular ‘Lates’ that the museum holds every month, with a strictly ‘no-children’ rule, four bars and silent discos. Supported by a new brand, and leading with interesting events, the museum is showing that it can attract a different audience and throw off its slightly geeky image (and attract thousands of new fans in the process).

Your modern museum needs some collectable merchandise, as well. How about a retro-gaming T-shirt?

Or choose from Tetris jokes and Pi (to 23 decimal places, of course). Perfect for visitors to collect and from an identity perspective, proof that it is possible to take what could have been quite a formal approach and bring it to life.

Here’s are some animations we produced too.

After 18 months work, the new approach is starting to bed down and apply out across most areas of the museum, including lunch-boxes and lollies, with packaging to follow soon.