Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

On paper, this should have been one of those projects where a new, clear and strong identity was agreed for the merged music and dance organisation and all the constituent parts were forced to fall in line.

But as we worked our way through research meetings, audits and positioning workshops, that quickly became unrealistic. Partly because each of the two campuses (Trinity and Laban) were still very well known independently in their own right, and partly because it was clearly going to take time to embed the name ‘Trinity Laban' into the consciousness of music and dance teachers, careers advisors and parents worldwide.

So we took the unusual step of designing an identity for Trinity Laban that can turn in space - tilting one way then the other for the different parts of the organisation. For Laban, the symbol turns down and appears on the floor, for Trinity it reverses and appears in the sky. We can then place dancers and musicians into the space and bring the logo to life with relatively few elements.

When we are designing elements for Trinity Laban itself, the logo can either be used as a simple, ‘flat' element (albeit at a specific angle), or as though it is viewed from above.

For key sub-brands (such as the Transitions Dance Company, as shown above) we can take the principle of the type moving, turning and tilting in space and apply this to the words to create a unique visual effect.

Here's the scheme applied across other applications, and below onto a specific poster for an event in the music school.

Below are some examples of designs produced by the Conservatoire’s in-house design department, working to the broad guidelines laid down.

This is when you really get to judge if a scheme is working – not in the hands of the original design consultancy, but applied in-house, at high-speed and sometimes under duress. We’re pretty pleased with how it’s panning out.

This identity has only just launched and is still a work in progress, but the intellectual approach of one ‘marque’ that can twist and turn into three separate states is a very powerful one.