Skate 2009 & 2010

For two consecutive years we have designed the key pieces of communications for Skate at Somerset House. In a way, the brief is the same each year (to communicate the glamour of skating at this particular site) but it is up to us to find ways to show this that fit with both Somerset House's guidelines, and their principal sponsor, Tiffany.

For the 2010/11 season, we took our inspiration from Victorian silhouettes and dΓ©coupage to create a dense and beautiful symbol for the season, topped and tailed by the key sponsor and the client. Given that it takes place in the lead up to and over the festive season, this approach is unashamedly decorative and festive.

Here is the design approach as applied to posters.

Here the designs are applied to banners throughout the courtyard.

Bespoke single letter designs were also created that were used to decorate the temporary buildings used on the site.

And, most importantly, how the design works on that reviving cup of hot chocolate. Here you can see the unique Tiffany blue being used to its full effect.

For the preceding 2009/10 season, we had developed a design based on the patterns of frost that at its edges became tiny skating ‘frost dancers'.

Shown above is the design approach applied to Somerset House's Christmas card for that year, and below to that year's promotional poster.