Canna Kendall

Canna Kendall, an advertising recruitment company that launched as an offshoot of Kendall Tarrant, wanted an identity that would cut through in the advertising business. An identity that would appeal as much to their candidates (up-and-coming creatives) as their eventual clients.

As we quizzed them about their company, and thought more about the ‘matching' and ‘pairing' aspect of their work, we began to construct a visual idea all about perfect pairs. So an egg goes with bacon, a dog with a bone. A Popeye? With his Olive, of course.

The idea began to grow almost immediately. We added a fish, matched with chips, then carefully photographed a set which appeared on the backs of all their business cards.

The four initial pairs appeared on the reverse of everything they did, which made for expensive stationery, but got them noticed very fast across London.

When the time came for the obligatory Christmas cards, we thought quite hard. Then we suggested the two things that seemed to be umbilically linked at Christmas - watching the Wizard of Oz on telly, and destroying a box of chocolates.

A year later we decided to do a New Year's card instead (probably a more appropriate time to look for a new job). What's a famous pairing for New Year? A hoover and pine needles, obviously.