Unit Architects

When a start-up company of architects called us about the identity for their new company, we were a little surprised. As a rule architects steer clear of overly noticeable identities.

But with a great name, we were convinced that Unit Architects could have something genuinely different within their market. Soon it became clear that we could design a mark that directly reflected their name and their interests in modular design schemes by using a grid of six by six units.

Right from the earliest presentations, we began exploring how the design could tile and tessellate into repeat patterns, as shown above and below on the reverse of stationery.

Business cards picked up on the square shape of the mark, and filled type with images of completed schemes.

This design is used for posters and report covers.

We also extrapolated the design principles out into headline typefaces and lettering, as shown here.

In addition we supplied the client with an array of images and illustrations for use within documents, some exploring the use of 45ΒΊ angles, as shown here. If you follow this link, you’ll see the identity applied out onto their current website as well.