• Acumen

    Acumen logo by johnson banks www.johnsonbanks.co.uk

    After only a few weeks of research it became clear to us that Acumen had a fantastic brand reputation. It's work was groundbreaking and admired worldwide. It already had a great grasp of language and communication, and they had an inspirational leader in Jacqueline Novogratz. Yet, their brand identity lagged badly behind. Our task was to lift the brand to match the promise. Read more about this project here.

  • Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)


    The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)’s new brand identity. Read more about the project here

  • Brighton Dome | Brighton Festival


    The new brand identity for Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival. Read more about the project here.

  • Guggenheim | UBS MAP


    We helped to position, name and brand this ground-breaking initiative - an ambitious, five-year collaboration to chart creative activity and contemporary art from across the world. Read more about the project here

  • Virgin Atlantic


    This is part of a new brand identity for Virgin Atlantic. You can read more about this project here.

  • Science Museum


    The Science Museum is one of London's most loved museums, a regular on the South Kensington tourist trail and one of the finest science museums in the world. The logo takes its inspiration from digital code and modular typefaces to create a unique wordmark. There's more on how the identity pans out here.

  • Anthony Nolan

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    Anthony Nolan is a charity that stores the blood tissue data of thousands of people. If a person's tissue matches, there's a chance they could take part in a life-saving procedure, so the identity concentrates on 'matching' letters to each other.

  • The North American Guitar


    This company arranges the building and importing of very high end, custom-made guitars. Customers often have ultimate choice over the finishes of the guitars so we used the principle of tailoring to inspire the design approach. Read more about this project here and here.

  • Cystic Fibrosis


    The task for many charities is to differentiate themselves from the competition. A heart charity must be clearly different from another, as must one cancer charity from it's rivals. But when we started work with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the issue wasn't their work versus someone else's, but the fact that the condition itself was chronically misunderstood. Read more about the project here.

  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance


    The new logo for Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is designed to bring together a famous music school (Trinity) and dance school (Laban). By twisting forwards and backwards in space, it can emphasise one campus over another, or sit in its 'middle' setting for the overall organisation. See it in action here.

  • Ravensbourne


    Ravensbourne is a digital design and innovation college in Greenwich, East London. Its new identity draws on the 30,000 tiles that make up the outer skin of its new building. Go here to see more.

  • Save the Children Everyone


    Every One is a global Save the Children initiative that is running throughout most of the charity's 28 offices worldwide. It's aim is to do something about the chronic levels of child mortality around the world, where millions of children still don't live to see their fifth birthday. There's more here.

  • Pew Center for Arts & Heritage


    This logo for the Pew Center in Philadelphia is part of a highly unusual identity scheme that allows its initiatives and sub-divisions to come to the fore in certain situations. See it in action in the full case study here.

  • King’s College London


    This development campaign for King's College London aims to attract donors by concentrating on the significant questions to which the world is still searching for answers. See more.

  • Save the Children


    We've been working for years with Save the Children to clarify their communication messages. Part of the current campaign is this 'woodblock' version of their symbol. Go here to read more about the project.

  • Navarone


    Navarone chose this name for their film and production company because of the famous film that seemed to achieve the impossible, against all odds. See more on our blog here.

  • Swanswell


    Swanswell seemed like a terrible name for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, until we realised that the 'well' at the end of their name could be very useful. Read more.

  • Skate 2010/2011


    This logo for the 2010/11 season of Skate at Somerset House took its inspiration from Victorian silhouettes and dΓ©coupage. There are more applications here.

  • 2009 Matsuri Japan


    'Matsuri' in Japan means festival, so for this celebration of all things Japanese in London we incorporated the Kanji letters into the 'A' and 'J' of the logotype. Read more on our blog here.

  • Unbound


    This is a philanthropic organisation based in London and Hawaii. We found it difficult to symbolise their work (in self-determination) so we took the words they used to describe what they did, to illustrate what they did.

  • UK Japan


    This symbol for UK Japan 2008 cannily merges English and Japanese in one mark – a useful way to symbolise collaboration. There's more detail here.

  • Mouse


    Microsoft Europe run an annual internet advertising competition: we renamed the scheme 'Mouse' and designed this logo for it. If the pink ear isn't enough, the Ξ’Β© symbol is judiciously placed to create the mouse's eye. There's more on this project here and here.

  • Unplugged


    Unplugged was a music show concentrating on acoustic instruments. The symbol spins instruments around a circular stave.

  • St David’s


    The mark for the St David's development in Cardiff took its original inspiration from the many thousands of people we knew would visit the scheme. Go here for more detail.

  • Unit Architects


    Luckily, Unit Architects specialised in modular architecture. So a new logo based on a 6x6 unit grid seemed to fit perfectly. You can see more applications here.

  • London International Music Show 08


    This logo for a music show in London is created from a projected world, but a world of instruments, not continents.

  • BFI


    The BFI's logo is inspired by the lens flares - created when cameras look directly into light sources. Read more about the project here.

  • Sendai Space Observatory


    Our identity for the space observatory in Sendai is made up of eight different arrow-shaped logotypes and fifteen image pairs. So it's a bit inaccurate to say this one is their logo, you'll have to go here to see what we mean.

  • Living Paintings


    Living Paintings is a charity that produces sculptural versions of art for the blind and partially sighted. You can see the sculptures themselves in this section here.

  • The Artfund


    The Art Fund is a membership organisation that uses its members' fees to help keep art in the country. Its target market is art lovers, hence the heart.

  • Think London


    Think London was the inward investment organisation whose job it was to persuade foreign companies to set up their European offices in London, not Paris or Munich. There's more detail on this project here.

  • Pleasure Beach, Blackpool


    The Pleasure Beach in Blackpool is a most exclamatory place (but generally more 'love it!' than 'hate it'). We simply took that verbal start and made it their symbol. There's more here.

  • Christian Aid


    Christian Aid's symbol intentionally makes a whole lot more of 'aid' than 'christian', and uses a shape loosely based on their famous envelopes. There's more to read here.

  • Cabe


    Cabe's symbol is based on architectural drawings, and implies architecture, environment and space without intentionally getting too specific. You can read more about it here.

  • UK Presidency of Europe


    This symbol made no attempt to use the stars of the European flag but borrowed a flock of 12 swans to provide an apt analogy. The birds take it in turn to lead the formation, just as the European Presidency rotates every six months amongst its 27 members. There's more on this project here.

  • Shelter


    The famous homelessness charity had changed what it did, but no-one had realised. They were now concentrating on the bad housing that wrecks lives, hence the pitched roof on their 'h'. Go here to find out more.

  • Knucklehead


    Knucklehead? A collection of film directors who wanted an identity that punched through. There's more here

  • Own-it


    Own-it is an initiative that helps creatives find out more about copyright and protect their work.

  • HM Government


    At one stage we were doing a large amount of design work for central government and were amazed to discover that they didn't really have a definitive symbol or logotype. This redrawn crown forms part of an identity project for HM Government that aimed to redress the balance. By carefully redrawing the crown for the first time in 50 years, we were re-purposing it for the digital age.

  • More Than


    More Th>n is a direct insurance company in the UK (so that's insurance on the phone and on the web). There's more detail on this project here.

  • D&AD Rewind


    As part of the activities to celebrate D&AD's fortieth birthday (which included a book and an exhibition) we needed a linking symbol to pull everything together that summed up 'Rewind'. A rewind button was subtly altered to do the job.

  • Landflex


    Landflex was a Land Securities initiative that converted buildings to flexible office use, but allowed tenants to easily change the size of the space they rented without being constrained by 25-year leases. There's a little more about this project in the Typography section.

  • Millennium Products


    Millennium Products was a Design Council initiative that aimed to curate and collect one thousand well designed products for the new millennium. Our symbol for the scheme drew inspiration from continuously improving circles and spiral forms.

  • Red Lion


    This is a barristers' chambers in the City of London. We took the red ribbon tied around their legal briefs and turned it into a lion's head.

  • Yell.com


    This was the logo for Yell.com that established a link between the off-line, printed Yellow Pages, and its online equivalent.

  • Basis


    Basis are a market research company. Their investigations and insights provide invaluable early building blocks for their client's projects, so we gave them a logo that was started and not quite finished.

  • Dimensions


    Dimensions is an exhibition and display company that has three key products, D2, D3 and D4. We simply ran the numerals across the letters to create an unusual optical effect.

  • The Modern Britain Fund


    The Modern Britain Fund was a series of building projects across the UK that began in the late nineties. We were trying to show that from little acorns…

  • Mecklenburgh Opera


    Mecklenburgh Opera specialised in staging Opera and Musical Theatre, so we placed the 'M' and 'O' of their name on a white, imaginary stage.

  • Angel


    Angel is a drug advisory service in North London. We didn't want to go overboard with their almost too perfect name – so just a few feathers on the lower case 'g' seemed about right.

  • Middlesex Probation Service


    Middlesex Probation Service wanted a symbol to show that their role was to help people straighten their lives out, so their 'M' starts haphazardly, then slowly recovers.

  • Foresight


    Foresight are a team of investment and hedge fund managers. Their job is to predict financial futures, hence the telescope.

  • Inquira


    Inqira is a team of management consultants who specialise in asking and answering the difficult questions.

  • William Morris Exhibition


    This was the lead image for the William Morris Exhibition at the V&A in the mid-nineties. Throughout the exhibition we explored the relationship of Morris' work with nature, so the symbol morphed one of his acanthus designs into a real leaf.

  • Rupert Sanderson


    Sanderson is now a famous shoe designer. When we designed this logo for him (before he became famous), we were determined to try and make it look hand-crafted, and a little bit 'wrong', hoping that this would imbue his signature with a little bit of extra charm.