johnson banks Logos Cultural

  • Science Museum


    The Science Museum is one of London's most loved museums, a regular on the South Kensington tourist trail and one of the finest science museums in the world. The logo takes its inspiration from digital code and modular typefaces to create a unique wordmark. There's more on how the identity pans out here.

  • Guggenheim | UBS MAP


    We helped to position, name and brand this ground-breaking initiative - an ambitious, five-year collaboration to chart creative activity and contemporary art from across the world. Read more about the project here

  • Brighton Dome | Brighton Festival


    The new brand identity for Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival. Read more about the project here.

  • Pew Center for Arts & Heritage


    This logo for the Pew Center in Philadelphia is part of a highly unusual identity scheme that allows its initiatives and sub-divisions to come to the fore in certain situations. See it in action in the full case study here.

  • La Villette


    This 'logo' for Parc de La Villette in Paris works more as an edge than a traditional logo. Go here to see what we mean.

  • Sendai Astronomical Observatory


    Our identity for the space observatory in Sendai is made up of eight different arrow-shaped logotypes and fifteen image pairs. So it's a bit inaccurate to say this one is their logo, you'll have to go here to see what we mean.

  • BFI


    The BFI's logo is inspired by the lens flares - created when cameras look directly into light sources. Read more about the project here.

  • D&AD Rewind


    As part of the activities to celebrate D&AD's fortieth birthday (which included a book and an exhibition) we needed a linking symbol to pull everything together that summed up 'Rewind'. A rewind button was subtly altered to do the job.

  • Mecklenburgh Opera


    Mecklenburgh Opera specialised in staging Opera and Musical Theatre, so we placed the 'M' and 'O' of their name on a white, imaginary stage.

  • Millennium Products


    Millennium Products was a Design Council initiative that aimed to curate and collect one thousand well designed products for the new millennium. Our symbol for the scheme drew inspiration from continuously improving circles and spiral forms.

  • William Morris Exhibition


    This was the lead image for the William Morris Exhibition at the V&A in the mid-nineties. Throughout the exhibition we explored the relationship of Morris' work with nature, so the symbol morphed one of his acanthus designs into a real leaf.