johnson banks Logos Government

  • UK Presidency of Europe


    This symbol made no attempt to use the stars of the European flag but borrowed a flock of 12 swans to provide an apt analogy. The birds take it in turn to lead the formation, just as the European Presidency rotates every six months amongst its 27 members. There's more on this project here.

  • UK Japan


    This symbol for UK Japan 2008 cannily merges English and Japanese in one mark – a useful way to symbolise collaboration. There's more detail here.

  • Cabe


    Cabe's symbol is based on architectural drawings, and implies architecture, environment and space without intentionally getting too specific. You can read more about it here.

  • The Modern Britain Fund


    The Modern Britain Fund was a series of building projects across the UK that began in the late nineties. We were trying to show that from little acorns…

  • Middlesex Probation Service


    Middlesex Probation Service wanted a symbol to show that their role was to help people straighten their lives out, so their 'M' starts haphazardly, then slowly recovers.

  • HM Government


    At one stage we were doing a large amount of design work for central government and were amazed to discover that they didn't really have a definitive symbol or logotype. This redrawn crown forms part of an identity project for HM Government that aimed to redress the balance. By carefully redrawing the crown for the first time in 50 years, we were re-purposing it for the digital age.