johnson banks Logos Leisure

  • St David’s


    The mark for the St David's development in Cardiff took its original inspiration from the many thousands of people we knew would visit the scheme. Go here for more detail.

  • Pleasure Beach, Blackpool


    The Pleasure Beach in Blackpool is a most exclamatory place (but generally more 'love it!' than 'hate it'). We simply took that verbal start and made it their symbol. There's more here.

  • Skate 2010/2011


    This logo for the 2010/11 season of Skate at Somerset House took its inspiration from Victorian silhouettes and dΓ©coupage. There are more applications here.

  • The North American Guitar


    This company arranges the building and importing of very high end, custom-made guitars. Customers often have ultimate choice over the finishes of the guitars so we used the principle of tailoring to inspire the design approach. Read more about this project here and here.

  • London International Music Show 2008


    This logo for a music show in London is created from a projected world, but a world of instruments, not continents.

  • Unplugged


    Unplugged was a music show concentrating on acoustic instruments. The symbol spins instruments around a circular stave.

  • 2009 Matsuri Japan


    'Matsuri' in Japan means festival, so for this celebration of all things Japanese in London we incorporated the Kanji letters into the 'A' and 'J' of the logotype. Read more on our blog here.

  • Rupert Sanderson


    Sanderson is now a famous shoe designer. When we designed this logo for him (before he became famous), we were determined to try and make it look hand-crafted, and a little bit 'wrong', hoping that this would imbue his signature with a little bit of extra charm.