johnson banks Logos Not-for-profit

  • Acumen

    Acumen logo by johnson banks

    After only a few weeks of research it became clear to us that Acumen had a fantastic brand reputation. It's work was groundbreaking and admired worldwide. It already had a great grasp of language and communication, and they had an inspirational leader in Jacqueline Novogratz. Yet, their brand identity lagged badly behind. Our task was to lift the brand to match the promise. Read more about this project here.

  • Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)


    The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)’s new brand identity. Read more about the project here

  • Cystic Fibrosis


    The task for many charities is to differentiate themselves from the competition. A heart charity must be clearly different from another, as must one cancer charity from it's rivals. But when we started work with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the issue wasn't their work versus someone else's, but the fact that the condition itself was chronically misunderstood. Read more about the project here.

  • Shelter


    The famous homelessness charity had changed what it did, but no-one had realised. They were now concentrating on the bad housing that wrecks lives, hence the pitched roof on their 'h'. Go here to find out more.

  • Anthony Nolan


    Anthony Nolan is a charity that stores the blood tissue data of thousands of people. If a person's tissue matches, there's a chance they could take part in a life-saving procedure, so the identity concentrates on 'matching' letters to each other.

  • Every One


    Every One is a global Save the Children initiative that is running throughout most of the charity's 28 offices worldwide. Its aim is to do something about the chronic levels of child mortality around the world, where millions of children still don't live to see their fifth birthday. There's more here.

  • Christian Aid


    Christian Aid's symbol intentionally makes a whole lot more of 'aid' than 'christian', and uses a shape loosely based on their famous envelopes. There's more to read here.

  • Save the Children


    We've been working for years with Save the Children to clarify their communication messages. Part of the current campaign is this 'woodblock' version of their symbol. Go here to read more about the project.

  • Living Paintings


    Living Paintings is a charity that produces sculptural versions of art for the blind and partially sighted. You can see the sculptures themselves in this section here.

  • Swanswell


    Swanswell seemed like a terrible name for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, until we realised that the 'well' at the end of their name could be very useful. Read more.

  • Artfund


    The Art Fund is a membership organisation that uses its members' fees to help keep art in the country. Its target market is art lovers, hence the heart.

  • Unbound


    This is a philanthropic organisation based in London and Hawaii. We found it difficult to symbolise their work (in self-determination) so we took the words they used to describe what they did, to illustrate what they did.

  • Angel


    Angel is a drug advisory service in North London. We didn't want to go overboard with their almost too perfect name – so just a few feathers on the lower case 'g' seemed about right.