johnson banks Logos Professions

  • Unit Architects


    Luckily, Unit Architects specialised in modular architecture. So a new logo based on a 6x6 unit grid seemed to fit perfectly. You can see more applications here.

  • Knucklehead


    Knucklehead? A collection of film directors who wanted an identity that punched through. There's more…

  • Inqira


    Inqira is a team of management consultants who specialise in asking and answering the difficult questions.

  • Navarone


    Navarone chose this name for their film and production company because of the famous film that seemed to achieve the impossible, against all odds. See more on our blog here.

  • Red Lion


    This is a barristers' chambers in the City of London. We took the red ribbon tied around their legal briefs and turned it into a lion's head.

  • Basis


    Basis are a market research company. Their investigations and insights provide invaluable early building blocks for their client's projects, so we gave them a logo that was started and not quite finished.

  • Dimensions


    Dimensions is an exhibition and display company that has three key products, D2, D3 and D4. We simply ran the numerals across the letters to create an unusual optical effect.