A day best spent suspending disbelief


April Fool’s day is a gift for the blogosphere – at one time it was just fun to listen to Radio Four and try and guess which piece was a scam, but now most of yesterday was spent reading web articles and thinking, ‘mmm, I wonder.’

So yesterday we had flying Penguins from the BBC (which disappointingly they had owned up to before the day was out and had turned into an I-Player ad) and Erik Spiekermann being knighted and working for Microsoft for a vast salary (does two scams in one make it true?). We had Carla Bruni working for the Government in The Guardian (very funny, but given away in the first line but the writer’s name, Avril de Poisson). Overnight we had a classic Ford ‘re-design’ on Brand New (as well as some great ‘outrage’ in the discussion string about the Mouse logo).

We had The Serif’s starter for the day, Helvetica Serif, and the more typographically minded could admire Typophile’s new ‘black’ site, along with hilarious ‘positive’ comments, interspersed with confused visitors wanting to know why this appalling mess of reversed out retro-ness was actually good, at all.

That’s where cyberspace gets a bit savage, of course – we had countless calls and emails about Mousey yesterday (which was obviously a ‘fool’ to us but seemed to trick a few). But that didn’t stop at least one blog wagging the finger at us, obviously not getting the joke at all. And there’s a lovely, plaintive comment on the discussion string for Helvetica serif where a visitor asks ‘For those of us who are typographically challenged, could someone please explain what’s funny about a Helvetica Serif? I’m not saying that it’s not funny, I just don’t get it… at all.’

Unfortunately by the end of the day, everything seems like a trick. So this piece on the CR Blog about artist Dan Proops just HAD to be a spoof, didn’t it? Well, unless Mr Proops has managed to re-programme Google, no, he’s for real and actually the grandson of the agony aunt Marjorie Proops. No, really, it’s true. Honest.