Billboards like you’ve never seen before


So you’re thundering down some leafy Indian highway with a cab driver seemingly intent on a) beeping furiously at everyone and everything b) nearly running over all the people, dogs and cows on the road and your first thoughts are entirely on self-preservation (and getting your heart rate down to a more manageable level).

After you’ve started breathing more normally, you start to notice the ads on the side of the roads.

Actually, what you notice first is not the billboards themselves but the empty ones featuring huge hand written phone numbers (presumably advertising the person you should call to put up your ad).


Then you start to notice ones that are either empty (and rather beautiful)…


..or, best of all, the blank billboards that have been recycled from older ones, where the old phone numbers get all jumbled together.






Completely accidental typography, but completely wonderful. You almost feel like paying for someone not to put something over these.

Even the backs look fantastic.


Photos by Michael Johnson and Harry Pearce.
Assistance, scouting and reconnaissance, Neville Brody
and Simon Sankaraya.