Catch a Mouse


Johnson banks has just finished the first stages of work re-branding Microsoft’s digital advertising awards. The new name for the scheme is Mouse.

We suspected that there would be a way to ‘embed’ a mouse shape into the word, and after some experiments we found the solution. The colour scheme, pink ‘ear’ and the © symbol were all chosen to enhance the optical effect.

The scheme itself is a free-to-enter competition for all forms of digital advertising, with several cash prizes of thousands of Euros on offer. An added extra is that the winners are automatically entered into the Cannes CyberLions, free of charge. This suggested some copy-led applications that are beginning to be used on-line and will form the communications backbone of the launch.


We’re also planning to use the ‘ear’ of the device as a separate element as and when it becomes appropriate.


A bit like this…


Our thanks to Brand Guardians for their naming input, and if you want to enter (remember it’s free) the entry forms are here.

There’s also a piece about the scheme in this week’s
Design Week