Christopher Doyle


We get sent quite a lot of stuff nowadays, most of it dreadful. But this arrived last week and caused a few giggles. Sydney-based designer Chris Doyle has obviously done too many large identity projects recently – he decided to create a set of guidelines for himself as he began wondering ‘how my personal identity would be documented if it were considered in graphic design terms’.

So the image above is from a spread marked Full Colour Vertical_Private. The following 'key identity formats’ are, of course, Full Color_Vertical, Full Colour Seated_Casual and Full Colour Seated _Formal.


There’s a funny section about colour palette, then colour variations.



And the obligatory ‘clearing space’ section.


And ‘incorrect use’.


Doyle entered it into an Australian design competition recently, and included himself in the entry, so stood alongside the work, with his own number and rationale pinned to his back. Funny.


His day job is as a senior design at Moon Group in Sydney.