For the record…

It’s been a long week in the world of identity design, and probably the first time in earnest that the power of cyberspace has been unleashed on a piece of graphic design.

Having written about Olympic branding several times, having sat through the pain of being on the ‘bid logo’ selection committee (and argued strongly against the awful ribbon logo) and having been quoted everywhere this week about the 2012 proposal, maybe it’s a time for reflection.

Last year a 2012 director sat in our office and asked if we wanted to take an ‘advisory role’ to help pick the actual design proper. We declined, hoping (in vain) we might get a shot at the real thing.

But I’m not writing this because I think we should have done it. I’m writing this because ever since I put my head above the parapet about the Olympics, I’ve only really seen one solution to this problem that I really liked, and I know that everyone’s going to ask me anyway. So I thought I’d share the proposal by Daniel Eatock (he of Big Brother logo fame) from 2003 . It’s my favourite solution to this brief.

We might argue about the type but I just love the idea of the five rings.

Michael Johnson


This is the rationale


This is the logo proposal