The Power of Creativity

We’ve been working and advising on this year’s D&AD Annual: part of the project has been the co-ordination of 50 covers for the annual commissioned by current president, Rosie Arnold.

There’s going to be a live auction early in December of some of the artworks, and this post is about the piece we’ve been working on.

Rosie’s original brief was to explore ‘The Power of Creativity’. A pretty broad theme, that all 50 contributors interpreted in a myriad different ways.

We spent a lot of time over the summer thinking of great examples of creativity, and how that could come together in a design. Eventually we realised that describing great examples of creativity was, in a way, more interesting than merely showing them.

So Harry Beck’s famous London underground map is described, not shown.

The way that Jack Kerouac (allegedly) wrote On the Road is almost as interesting as the book itself.

By using multiple ideas, at different angles across the piece, we can illustrate over a century’s worth of different ideas across all types of creativity.

This is about Steve Jobs’ realisation that an early ‘mouse’ he had seen at a Xerox lab was a huge step forward for computer navigation.

That famous scene in ‘When Harry met Sally’, written by the late Norah Ephron (and a little bit of Ridley Scott).

Even the beginnings of the web.

The structure allows us to cross-link from related ideas or thoughts – so here we’re cross-linking from one Christopher Nolan to another…

And, just in case you’re not completely sure what idea is what, all 99 ideas are captioned down the side.

The final piece is shown below, unified by one big overprinted exclamation mark.

For the live auction, we’ve run a very limited edition (of precisely two), 60 inches tall by 40 inches wide, onto 300gsm giclée paper, and a signed one will be in the auction.

In the future (depending a bit on interest, perhaps) we might do a longer, litho run too.

There are ten other pieces in the live auction: we’ll write about them as soon as possible. The auction itself is on the 3rd December, more information here.

There’s also an online auction of the other 39 pieces, which is now open and waiting for your bids.


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