We Think London has a new logo


After a substantial wait, and much discussion, the wait is over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

It seems attempting to bring the various bodies of London under one ‘logo’ has been shelved, for the time being, to make way for what we think is a pretty inspirational way forward.


The first decision is that the Think London logo has been deemed too powerful for any further use, and that extending it into a scheme across London (as above) would glue together the disparate elements too successfully.


Also it had proved too popular as a destination brand idea across the world and been emulated too well, and too often (see examples below).



Secondly, the somewhat quieter Visit London scheme (that still had some nice little touches) is retained, in part, for its key elements – its colour and German typography. The nice touches have thankfully been deemed too quirky to retain.




Thirdly, and most importantly, the most valuable visual clue to London, that of the Thames (so neatly encapsulated by the other symbols below) has been incorporated into the new London logo. After all, nothing sums up London better than the river running through it. It sets us apart from other major cities.


So here it is, the new London & Partners logo, which replaces Think London, Visit London and Study London. It’s not clear if this was done by Saffron (who designed Visit London), or elsewhere. But whoever has done it must be very proud.


It’s also not clear if this design approach will now be carried over into rebrands of the Mayor’s office and Transport for London, but we certainly hope so.

Following on from the newly launched Start-Up Britain’s innovation of recommending American firms to carry out design and branding, this is a proud day and a great example of more inspirational design thinking from the current administration.

See the old and new brands working nicely together here. Visit London will be changing very soon. The London & Partners website is here.

Update: just to clear up any confusion,this was NOT an April Fool