What kind of T would you like?


The Creation Gallery in Ginza has an exhibition at the end of each year where they ask a couple of hundred designers from around the world to design or decorate a product. So far we’ve done trousers, canvas shopping bags, fans – this year our brief was to celebrate the ritual of tea drinking by designing a cup and saucer.

After a little thought we thought a ‘T’ cup would be amusing, and set about trying to design one where different T’s began on the cup then continued on the saucer. Actually incredibly difficult to do, but these pictures we’ve just received from the gallery seem to look OK.



The saucer looks especially weird – here’s a top view.


Here are some of the other cups and saucers:
from Yoshio Hayakawa.


From Takahiro Nagino.


From Shigeru Tamura.


From Takeshi Nishioka.


They are on exhibition and on sale from mid December – if you’re in Ginza for the next month you can buy them/order them there and all proceeds go to Unicef.

You’ll find more information here.