You are here, 2007

tree whole

We’ve just run out of our stock of You are here posters.

This project dates back to the mid-nineties, and was originally meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, semi autobiographical but mainly fictional guide to graphic design for students. It soon spiralled out of control and became a bittersweet journey through the many different lives of a graphic designer.

We used them mainly for college lectures and would get the occasional request for copies, but following its inclusion in the Communicate exhibition in 2004 we’ve had a regular stream of requests.

So we’ve just sent off the artwork for its third printing. Every time it re-prints we add a few little extras, and the new version is no different. Here are a few edited highlights – in case you’re wondering it reads upwards, from the roots. Any similarity to yours, ours or anyone else’s lives is of course entirely intentional.

Funnily enough, the student bit has stayed pretty similar.
(We had all, of course, lost our virginity years before going to college).


We’ve had to make a few concessions to the rise of personal websites…


…and of course blogging had to get a mention.


Obviously we’ve never heard of anyone actually publishing a book of their web comments (but you could see it happening, couldn’t you?)


The actual poster is almost 60 inches tall, and the new print run is on sale now. If you’ve got a spare wall to fill, we’d say it was almost perfect.

To buy one, email lizzie [at] johnsonbanks [dot] co [dot] uk